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Illustration: Janaki Syam The reflections here were spurred on by a discussion I participated in with the founders of Elephant Design, Lopez Design and Studio Sky: Ashwini Deshpande, Anthony Lopez... Read More
DUp19 wasn't just the India Festival: in June we had our Asia conference with over 250 attendees in Singapore. Weiman Kow beautifully captured some key takeaways and insights from the multiple speakers via her amazing sketchnotes (she was a DUp Fest scholar in Nov). Read More
In a pre-cursor to the DUp19 Festival, LiveMint took a bird's eye view of the Festival "at the intersection of Design and Technology" putting the spotlight on interesting speakers, tracks and off-beat themes like Craft, Design, Data - and "pièce de résistance - a large-scale exhibit by Japanese digital artist Takuma Nakata" Read More
In his second YourStory post on DUp19, Madan says the Festival "raised the bar of excellence for the design community - from inner reflection to broader engagement, the annual conference rallied the designer community to explore new ground in a world of digital opportunity and challenges" Read More
In the first post on DesignUp 2019 takeaways, Madan Rao says the conference "frames opportunities for design leaders in business" and "offers a wealth of frameworks, case studies, and tips for designers at the forefront of the creative economy." Read More
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Articles from 2018

Articles, Scholarships, Interviews, Press and More...

Last year, I was invited to mentor DesignUp 2018’s Scholarship program. A mix of budding writers, sketchnoters, videophiles and interaction designers had been selected from all over India to attend the conference... Read More
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When you walk into DesignUp, it looks like a design conference in Europe or North America. The questions you get from the audience are sophisticated. They’re aware of what’s going on in other parts of the world and they’re trying to push the profession forward

Khoi Vihn Former Design Director NYT, Principal Designer at Adobe

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Our Pre-event in Pune (in 2017) was DesignUp’s first event outside Bangalore and our first pre-event. The half-day event at... Read More
DesignUp’s first visit to Hyderabad almost coincided with the opening of the first ever Ikea store in the city (Ikea... Read More
DesignUp’s first visit to Chennai in 2018 started off with an afternoon of workshops—followed by talks and dinner at a... Read More
Singapore – DesignUp’s first pit-stop outside India. Singapore’s Design Council venue – The Design Centre played host to the sold-out... Read More

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Futurist, strategy and creative designer Monika Bielskyte says she never saw the world for what it was but what it could be made to be. This piece was originally written by... Read More
Synchronicity architect and tech entrepreneur Justin Bolognino on the future of live entertainment, and the blurring of lines between realities… This article was originally written by Harshini Vakkalanka for the... Read More
Of all the social channels we’re on (it’s @DesignUpConf across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), Twitter is where we are most active—and many of our attendees engage via. On the day before the conference on... Read More

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About Us

DesignUp started with the idea of raising the design agenda within tech companies and tech-led businesses. To make tech, businesses, products and services thoughtful, human and humane, by Design.

DesignUp is volunteer-driven and community led. There are no full time salaried employees—we all have our day jobs. For us, DesignUp is a passion and unifying force.

Core Team

DesignUp’s core team includes Abhishu, Anindita, Baisam, Dharmesh, Jay, Lucky, Manu, Nikita, Nitesh, Narayan, Prabin, Saloni, Sima, Supriya & Tuhina.

Advisory Board

DesignUp Advisory board, constituted in 2018, has Katja Forbes, Vandana Abraham and V Shivakumar on the team.


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