Singapore, August 2018

DesignUp goes to the island

Singapore – DesignUp’s first pit-stop outside India. Singapore’s Design Council venue – The Design Centre played host to the sold-out event. More than 120 attendees listened to a cross section of speakers and panelists, after networking over a delightful spread of food and drinks. Including Match Green Tea cakes.

Shandar Junaid, debuted his re-tweaked workshop – Fail Fast to Succeed Sooner: Design, Prototype, and User Test with Adobe XD for the Singapore audience.

Short but deeply immersive, this workshop is focused on a hands-on project for the learning community. A whirlwind tour with takeaways including a short intro to the prototyping tool.

In Parallel, Radhika Kale and Shashank Upadhyay from ScaleFactorLabs, conducted their workshop, for the first time outside India.

At the heart of a great experience is the designer’s ability to craft the right “moments of truth“. Moments of truth are micro-experiences that combine ease of use, emotional connect and service effectiveness to ensure desirability, feasibility and viability of the key outcomes- brand recall, loyalty, retention, and growth. In this hands-on workshop, participants shall get to work on service design fundamentals, minimal viable experience (MVX) slicing, as well as derive inputs for sequencing of experience delivery.

Radhika and Shashank

Workshops were followed by food and arrival of attendees for the talks and panels.

Attendees tucked into Custard filled steamed buns as they discussed their professional interests, ran into old friends, colleagues and discovered new peers.

First up Tirthankar Dash, or just Dash, Head of Design Strategy at the consulting firm Quantum

TEDx speaker Dash believes that at the tail end of 200 years of industrialisation & dehumanisation we’re staring at the beginnings of possibly a more human era. An era, where…

a whole new set of challenges and “wicked problems” are recognised and appreciated—such as loneliness, exclusion, obesity, depression and more. Will Design (and newer era of designers) wake up to re-design itself to meet that future?

Up next was Jane Hazra – Lead Product Designer, GO JEK. Her talk – Perfection Is A Process: Learning From The GO-RIDE Redesign, gave the audience a sneak-peak into the processes and learnings from one of Asia’s largest Taxi/Ride services.

Mario Van Der Meulen – Principal Designer at Foolproof, Singapore, underlined his belief that “people ignore design that ignores people” and spoke about the transformation of the Designosaurus to challenge and solve newer problems in Design.

Jay Dutta, Founder & Curator, DesignUp, took his arranged marriages metaphor, and some funny stories, to a different audience – illustrating for the them the need to build not (just) smart, but very importantly caring relations – between products and it’s users.

Shiva Viswanathan continued with his 3rd edition of TheGrillUp. A line-up of some of the leading Designers from diverse organisations across Singapore gave him ample opportunities to raise important and provoking questions.

Our Panellists in Singapore, left to right

  • Julee (Hyun Ju Lee), Director of Link Design Centre at NTUC
  • Keith OhHead of Product Design, Carousell
  • Amy Huang, Human-Centered Design Leader, Head of Design at RedMart
  • Poon Wen AngDesign Director, Aleph Labs
  • Priscilla N, Head of Design, SP Group.

A few lucky ones got special DesignUp gift bags for asking questions (over twitter) or in person.

With every seat full, and a waitlist of folks who had to be denied a ticket due to limited availability – DesignUp was well received by Singapore. We promise to be back soon with more!

About Us

DesignUp started with the idea of raising the design agenda within tech companies and tech-led businesses. To make tech, businesses, products and services thoughtful, human and humane, by Design.

DesignUp is volunteer-driven and community led. There are no full time salaried employees—we all have our day jobs. For us, DesignUp is a passion and unifying force.

Core Team

DesignUp’s core team includes Abhishu, Anindita, Baisam, Dharmesh, Jay, Lucky, Manu, Nikita, Nitesh, Narayan, Prabin, Saloni, Sima, Supriya & Tuhina.

Advisory Board

DesignUp Advisory board, constituted in 2018, has Katja Forbes, Vandana Abraham and V Shivakumar on the team.


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